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What does the day pass consist of?
The day pass allows you to enjoy our onsen facilities and to access to our resting lounge. For ladies, there will be 5 different baths with one steam room. For the gentlemen, there will be 6 different baths with one steam room and sauna facility. Besides that, you can also access to our Yunomori Cafe to order some food and beverages, but it will be chargeable based on what you've ordered.

Is there any time restriction for onsen?
There is no time restriction in how you want to utilize our onsen facilities. After the onsen session, you can change into our Japanese Yukata and head to the rest lounge for a mid-day snooze or refuel at our Yunomori Cafe. 

How long do people usually take in the onsen?
As a general rule, the onsen takes about 45-60mins. To enjoy the relaxing session, we advise to factor in about 3 hours for the entire onsen trip to genuinely unwind.

What is the minimum age to enter to the onsen?
The minimum age of 3 years old are allowed to utilize our onsen facilities. Children will have to follow their same gender parent and must be supervised at all times.

Are your onsen facilities unisex?
Yes! All our facilities are available for both gender, the onsen experience will be segregated into Male and Female divisions. 

Can we go back to the onsen after massage?
If you're opting for massage such as aromatherapy, foot massage or usage of hot compress, you're not allowed to return back to the onsen for hygiene reasons. Guests who opt for Thai or Head and Shoulder Massage are allowed to utilize the onsen facilities again.

Do we need to make any reservations?
No reservation is needed for our onsen services. You can simply just do a walk-in and register at our frontdesk counter. For massage services, reservations will be recommended to avoid disappointments. You may contact our frontdesk staff at 6386 4126 for immediate confirmation. 

Where are your therapists from? Are there any male therapists?
Our therapists are from Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. Unfortunately, we do not have any male therapists. If you're looking for someone capable with harder pressure, you can simply request it upon your reservation.  

How soon can I redeem the vouchers after I purchase?
To redeem your vouchers, please approach our front desk staff with your NRIC and order number.

Guest or recipient who already own any physical voucher on hand can simply redeem your service by presenting them upon arrival at our front desk counter.
For massage services, kindly call in to book your preferred time slot to avoid disappointment. 

How long are the vouchers valid for?
12 months from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated.

What is Yunomori membership?
Our membership comes in two different tiers, GOLD $350 and PLATINUM $950. They come in form of credits whereby $1 refers to 1 credit. Both tier have 1 year validity. If you're interested, kindly approach any of our front desk staff.

Are the membership and / or vouchers transferable?
Membership and vouchers sold are transferable. If you're sharing your membership with someone else, do remember to pass your card to them as verification will be needed upon checking in at our counter.