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How much is the Onsen Day Pass?

Adults $45 ($48.60 w/GST)
Children (3-15 years old) $35 ($37.80 w/GST)
Seniors (65 years old and above) $35 ($37.80 w/GST)


No reservation is required for onsen entry. You can simply walk-in and check in at our front desk counter. For first-time visitors, please present for NRIC for registration.

What does the Onsen Day Pass include?

The onsen day pass allows you to enjoy our onsen facilities and access our resting lounge. For ladies, there will be 5 different baths with one steam room. For the gentlemen, there will be 6 different baths with one steam room and sauna facility.

There is no time restriction in how long you want to utilize our onsen facilities. However if you exit the spa and return after, we will have to charge you again for re- entry.

What are the baths and facilities in the onsen?

We have Soda Bath, Silk Bath, Jet Bath, Bubble Bath, Cold Bath, Hot Bath (male onsen only), Steam Room and Sauna Room (male onsen only).

Outside the onsen area, we have a cafe and a resting lounge which you can access after your onsen session. Do note that all food and beverages ordered from the cafe will be chargeable upon check out.

How long do people usually take in the onsen?

As a general rule, the onsen takes about 45-60mins. To enjoy the relaxing session, we advise to factor in about 3 hours for the entire onsen trip to genuinely unwind.

Are your onsen facilities unisex? Any private or couple onsen available?

All our facilities are available for both genders, the onsen experience will be segregated into Male and Female divisions.

As our onsen is a communal onsen, we do not offer private or couple onsen.

What should I wear in the onsen?

Onsen is best enjoyed naked in Japanese culture. You may enter the onsen fully naked to experience the true Japanese onsen culture.

However, with due respect to local culture, we do provide disposable undergarments which consists of a tube top and panties for the ladies, and shorts for the gentlemen. Personal clothing and swimwear is not allowed in the onsen due to hygiene reasons.

Can we go back to the onsen after massage?

Guests opting for massage such as aromatherapy, foot massage or usage of hot compress are not allowed to return to the onsen after their massage for hygiene reason as the oils used during the massage will contaminate and affect the minerals in the onsen baths. Guests who opt for Thai or Head and Shoulder massage are allowed to utilize the onsen facilities again.

For Back massage, guests are given the option to have their massage with or without oils. Only those who opt to have their Back massage without oils can return to the onsen after their massage.

Guests who are intending to use the onsen with massage are advised to arrive at least 1 hour prior to massage time to use the onsen facilities before going for the massage.

What amenities are provided in the onsen?

All guests will be provided with a set of towels (1 small & 1 big), one set of Yukata, disposable undergarments and disposable shower cap. Amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion and hair dryers are readily available for guests to use before and after the onsen session.


Do we need to make reservations?

For massage services, reservations are recommended to avoid disappointment. You may make a reservation online or by simply calling our front desk at 6386 4126 for immediate confirmation.

Other ways to make a reservation:
Facebook: @yunomorisingapore
Instagram: @yunomori_sg
WhatsApp: 6385 7984 (message only)

Where are your therapists from?

Our therapists are from Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. Unfortunately, we do not have any male therapists. If you're looking for someone capable with harder pressure, you can simply request it upon your reservation.

What massage services or packages do you provide?

For more information about our services, onsen & spa packages and membership, please visit our website at

What is your cancellation policy?

Guests are advised to call in to cancel their appointments at least 30 minutes before massage time to allow ample time for us to open up your slots to other guests. In the event guest is late for appointments, the service will commence and end as per the agreed time. Full charges will apply. However, if the guest is late for more than 15 minutes after the massage time, we reserve the right to mark your reservation as a no-show or cancellation.

Yunomori Onsen will not refund or discount any unutilized minutes due to lateness.

Can I request a change in massage service or therapist after my booking?

You may change your massage service upon check in, but the duration of the massage service has to be either shorter or equivalent to the massage duration that was booked. Change to a longer massage service will be subjected to massage room availability as well as therapist availability.

If you are unsatisfied with your assigned therapist, you may request for a change of therapist within 15 minutes of starting your massage service (subjected to therapist availability), however, once 15 minutes has passed, you will not be able to change to another therapist for the remaining duration of the massage service.

Can I book a massage service for a couple?

Yes, we have couple massage rooms available for couples who wish to have their massages done in the same room. You may book a massage service for 2 pax and request for couple massage room when you make your booking.

For couple massage room, both massages must be of the same duration.


How do I become a Yunomori member?

To be a Yunomori member, you will need to purchase a Yunomori membership package from our reception. Our membership package consists of prepaid credits which you can use to offset massage services, onsen entry and F&B items.

How much is the membership?

We have 3 tiers of membership available.



($378 w/GST)


($1026 w/GST)

Cash Credits 350 950
Bonus Credits 50 250
Total Value 400 1200
Savings 13% 21%
Validity 12 months 12 months

What are the perks of a Yunomori member?

1-for-1 onsen entry
Monday-Thursday, 7pm-10pm (excluding public holidays)

15% discount on F&B items at Yunomori cafe

Monthly member's special promotions and discounts

**Member perks are valid with payment via Yunomori credits only.

How much is the Yunomori Passport?

We have 2 tiers of Passports available.

6 Months 12 Months
($1944 w/GST)
($3780 w/GST)

What are the perks of a Yunomori Passport holder?

Yunomori Passport holders get to enjoy unlimited onsen entry throughout the duration of their Passport. Additionally, they get to enjoy 15% discount on F&B items at Yunomori Cafe.

Is the membership shareable?

Memberships are shareable with friends and family members. If you are sharing your membership with someone else, do remember to pass your membership card to them as verification will be needed upon check-in at the counter. 


What are your menu items?

You may take a look at our e-menu here.

Do you have vegetarian menu options?

Some of our dishes are suitable for vegetarians. Please ask our cafe staff for more information.

Can I dine-in at the cafe even if I am not using the onsen or massage?

Yes, you can still dine-in at our cafe even if you are not using the onsen or massage. You will still need to check in at our front desk to be issued with an electronic wristband for you to purchase our food and drinks at the cafe. All purchases from the cafe will be billed upon check out.

What time is your last order?

Our cafe's last order is 9pm.

Can I sit at the cafe if I am not ordering any food?

Seats are strictly reserved for consumption of food and drinks only. If you have finished eating, you may proceed to the resting lounge area to allow others a chance to dine in too.

Can I make a reservation at the cafe?

We do not accept reservations for the cafe. Seats are by first come first serve basis.

Vouchers and Gift Cards

Do you sell gift vouchers and gift cards?

Yes, we do. You can purchase physical vouchers and gift cards from our reception counter.

Alternatively, you can purchase our gift cards / services online where you will receive an order confirmation email. Please see below on how to redeem the online order.

To utilise the service, you will need to present the order confirmation email with the order number to our front desk on the day of the reservation for your purchased service. You may forward the order confirmation email to the recipient if it is purchased as a gift.

To redeem the gift card, you can either book any spa service, visit our onsen facilities and/or dine at our cafe. Present the order confirmation email with the order number to our front desk on the day of your visit. Our front desk staff will deduct the cost of the services, onsen entry and/or F&B orders upon check out. You may forward the order confirmation email to the recipient if it is purchased as a gift.

*If the order confirmation email is not presented to our front desk, you or the recipient may be asked to pay for the service upfront.

How long are the vouchers valid for?

All vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase or otherwise stated on the vouchers, with no blackout period, and no extension of expiry dates will be granted.

If you have purchased promotional, discounted or roadshow vouchers, please refer to voucher terms & conditions.

I have lost my voucher, can I have a replacement or a refund?

Yunomori Onsen & Spa is not liable for any vouchers that are already issued out to guests. We will not refund or replace any lost, damaged or expired vouchers. Defaced or damaged vouchers will also not be accepted and the vouchers will be considered null and void.